Stock Photography Pricing for Print and Web

We license images for any kind of editorial, commercial or third-party uses. If you need an image of ours, we will work out an appropriate pricing structure. We use FotoBiz to establish baseline prices for all editorial uses. FotoBiz includes FotoQuote, which is a database of empirical price data for the most commonly used forms of licensing. It is used to establish standards for pricing editorial use in the indusrty.

We do make exceptions to the baseline prices for volume licensing of multiple images, or if there are indirect or intangible benefits, or other business opportunities associated with a given proposal. So, don't hesitate to ask!

Images are available for print use (advertising, brochures, catalogs, editorial). Please or use this form for a price quote. Include the needed size of the image (1/4 page to full page), placement (front cover, inside, back cover), and press run (5,000 units and up). We will return your email with a quote.

For use on the internet, indicate your intended use, average monthly hits, and a reference URL.

For the commercial use of an image, the annual license usage fee is based on a percentage of the media buy (or the marketing budget). Creative fees for individually produced images are billed separate from the usage fee. The following table lists the annual usage fee per image.

Usage Fees
 Media Buy   % 
 Less than $400,000   5.0 % 
 $400,000 to less than $600,000   4.5 % 
 $600,000 to less than $1,000,000   4.0 % 
 $1,000,000 to less than $1,500,000   3.5 % 
 $1,500,000 to less than $2,000,000   3.0 % 
 $2,000,000 or greater   2.5 % 

Discounts for a multi-year commercial usage fee are available if licensed in advance. The multi-year discounts are listed in the following table.

Multi-year License Dicsount
 2 years   10 % 
 3 years   15 % 
 4 years   20 % 
 5 years or more   25 % 

This discount is available only when a multiple year license is initially purchased. If, during the course of a one-year license, you decide to license for an additional year, then the discount will not apply and a new one-year license will need to be purchased.

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