Photo Restoration Service Price List



The Hourly Restoration Rate is basic cost of our digital photo restoration services. The minimum time charge is 15 minutes. Hourly Restoration Rate service includes basic and extensive retouching; removal of eye glass glare, stray hairs, braces; replacing missing teeth; and minimum art work (such as removing bra straps, shine on face, whitening teeth, removing small distracting background objects, etc.). $70.00/hr.

Image Scan $10.00
Initial in-house scan of your original image, from either a negative, slide or print. Additional charges may be added if we need to send the original out to be scanned.

Image Retrieval $8.00
Retrieval of archived image previously scanned and edited.

Image Archive
Archived to our files for a period of one year. $10.00
Archived on a CD-ROM as a TIFF or PSD file for your files. $20.00

Print of finished image
Initial Digital Photos (any size combination on one sheet of 8-1/2 x 11 photo paper). $12.00
Copy of Digital Photos (of the same image and size as initial digital photos). $9.00

Specialty Photo Restoration
Additional specialty photo restoration services are charged a minimum fee that is prorated toward the Hourly Restoration Rate time, after which the Hourly Restoration Rate is applied. Charges for these services are in addition to the above listed services. Specialty Photo Restoration includes: Restoration of photographs, including colorization; special effects, such as "hand coloring" of black-and-white prints; head and eye switching between photographs; adding and subtracting backgrounds; eye glass glare removal where a second source image is needed; adding a new background; adding text, graphics, and logos; and compositing images, such as blending multiple images into a panoramic, and adding an oval vignette around an imags. for minimum rate.

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