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Pricing and Ordering Photographs

This page contains pricing and ordering information for photographic prints. If you would like information on licensing images for editorial or commercial use, please see these guidelines.

To order prints:

Note the Name or ID Number (when the mouse pointer is over the image) of the image.
Choose a size and finish (matt/glossy/supergloss, matting, and framing) from the table below.
your choices, along with your phone number and mailing address, or use this form.

We will reply to you via email or telephone and arrange the payment and shipping details.

Professional Prints

with Artist's Signature

Print Size Glossy or Matte Super Gloss Mat Frame
... to 20x24 $118.95 $160.95 $30 $120
... to 16x20 $82.95 $110.95 $25 $100
... to 11x14 $68.95 $81.95 $20 $55
... to 8x10 $34.95 $41.95 $15 $45


These prices are for color prints and black-and-white photographs printed on silver gelatin paper and selenium-toned. The sizes listed are in inches and refer to the paper size, not the size of the image itself. You may choose prints smaller than 11 x 14, but the minimum price will still be charged. The above prices are for unmounted prints. Mounting is included when a mat is ordered for the print.

A print with a glossy finish tends to have more vivid colors and dynamics, whereas a matte finish tends to reduce glare. The Super Gloss finish yields brilliant colors that virtually pop out of the page. If you can't decide or don't specify a finish preference, we will print on a paper with a Gloss finish. There is no right or wrong choice. It's a matter of personal taste.

Not all images are proportional to standard paper sizes, and odd-shaped images may require larger paper to achieve your ultimate size choice. The price of Panoramics, for example, are based on the longest dimension, so a 16 x 20 paper size may yield a final image dimension of 8 x 18.

As a general rule, we leave a 1/4-inch border between the edge of the image and the edge of the paper. This makes it easier to handle and frame the print.

Some black-and-white photographs are printed on hand-coated Platinum/Palladium paper. Since Platinum/Palladium photographs are contact printed, they are limited in size to the size of the negative. In most cases, this is between 4 x 5 and 8 x 10 inches. Platinum/Palladium prints have a depth and texture that is not found in other types of photographs. Prices for Platinum/Palladium prints are on our Platinum Fine Art Prints site or will be quoted upon request.

If you are interested in alternative reproduction, such as printing on canvas, oversized prints, handcoloring of black-and-white prints, or other unconventional processes, please ask.

Matting and Framing

Prints are mounted and double-matted for the next larger standard print size, or to a custom size specified by you. We color-coordinate the outer and inner mats with colors in the print. If you want particular colors, please specify them when ordering. The print window is set vertically off-center, with about 1/2-inch more space on the bottom to give the print a lighter feel in the frame.

A decorative custom-cut mat can be added to your print. The example at the right is a custom mat that enhances the southwest aspect of the image. There is an additional charge for a custom cut mat.

Our standard framing includes a black wood or anodized metal frame with UV-absorbing glass. If you prefer clear or anti-glare glass, or a colored frame, please specify your choices when ordering. Other frame materials are available upon request and may be priced slightly higher.

Specialty Items

Would you like to see one or more of our images on Note Cards, in a Calendar, on a Mouse Pad, on a Poster, or another specialty item? Send us an , call us, or drop us a line with what you want and we will get you a price for the custom made specialty item.


Shipping and insurance charges will be based on the final size, weight and destination of the order. We ship by FedEx ground. If you prefer a different shipping method, please contact us with your preference and we will quote you a shipping price.

Payment and Sales Tax

We accept checks, money orders, or credit card payment online through PayPal. For information on PayPal, click here. Sorry, no COD's. Sales tax will be added to all orders with a California address.

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