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Image Title ID Number Print Size
    4 x 5 5 x 7 8 x 10
Yosemite National Park Portfolio        
 Black Oaks, El Capitan Meadow BW-04-104 X   X
 Bridalveil Meadow and Merced River BW-04-109 X   X
 Burned Stump, El Capitan Meadow BW-04-105 X   X
 Fern in Rock, 2005 D-123-72 X X X
 Merced River, 2004 BW-04-106 X   X
 Merced River, El Capitan & Cathedral Rocks BW-04-110 X   X
 "Picket Line", El Capitan Meadow BW-04-103 X   X
 Three Brothers and Merced River, 2005 D-123-76 X X X
 Tree at El Capitan D-123-82 X X X
 Young Trees, El Capitan Meadow, 2005 D-123-101 X X X
Central Coast Portfolio        
 Bent Oak, Los Osos, CA G-104-101 X X X
 Days of Kelp and Roses, 2005 H-108-021 X X X
 Islay Creek Estuary, Montana de Oro State Park, 2005 D-125-031 X X X
 Spooner Cove, Montana de Oro State Park, 2005 #1 BW-05-101 X   X
 Spooner Cove, Montana de Oro State Park, 2005 #2 BW-05-113 X   X
 Spooner Cove, Montana de Oro State Park, 2005 #3 D-107-423 X X X
Sierra Nevada Portfolio        
 Barn, Soquel Meadow, Madera County BW-01-9-30 X X X
 Bass Lake, Madera County, 1997 BW-97-104 X   X
 Bass Lake, Madera County, 2005 #1 D-111-138 X X X
 Bass Lake, Madera County, 2005 #2 D-111-115 X X X
 Boats on Dock, Shaver Lake D-111-96 X X X
 Fresno Dome, Madera County BW-01-9-23 X X X
 Old Irrigation Flume, North Fork BW-98-102 X   X
 Stacked Boats, Bass Lake BW-00-2-44   X X
Central Valley Portfolio        
 Alta-Main Canal, 2005 B-115-74 X X X
 Enterprise Canal, 2005 B-115-65 X X X
 Eucalyptus Tree and Madera Canal, 2001 BW-01-9-36 X X X
 Friant-Kern Canal, 2005 #1 B-115-157 X X X
 Friant-Kern Canal, 2005 #2 B-115-161 X X X
 Friant-Kern Canal, 2005 #3 B-115-165 X X X
 Old Schoolhouse Remains, Clovis BW-96-24-32 X X X
 Palm Driveway, Clovis BW-96-24-18 X X X

Our prints are made with a mixture of platinum and palladium in the emulsion, to produce the tones that you see in the final print.

All photographs are the Copyrighted Property of Dane S. Johnson, and have been registered with the U.S. Copyright Office. Purchase of a photograph is for personal enjoyment only. All of the photographs are available for usage by license only. No form of reproduction or manipulation is permitted. Any unauthorized usage of these images will be prosecuted to the full extent of the U.S. Copyright Law. All rights are reserved.

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